Athena is the goddess of wisdom and brain. Her hair is brown, her eyes are grey and her chiton is blue. She is the daughter of Principal Zeus and her mother is a fly named Metis. She has large gold owl earrings that let her shapeshift, from old lady to owl to Athena.
Athena the brain!!!

Athena the Brain

Facts About Athena

  • Athena's best friend before she came to MOA is Pallas.</li>
  • Athena has the abilty to shapeshift.</li>
  • Athena likes Hercules.</li>
  • Athens, Greece is named after Athena in gratitude for having invented so many useful things.</li>
  • Athena invented the olive and weaving.</li>
  • Athena is the daughter of Principal Zeus God of the Gods and Ruler of the Heavens and Metis, a fly.</li>
  • Athena is the brainiest goddess-girl at MOA, always scoring top marks in every subject

  • Principal Zeus calls her by her nickname, "Theeny".


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