Persephone is a kind and mysterious goddessgirl with orange curly hair and pale skin. She is the Mysterious and Daring one in the book.

All About PersephoneEdit

Persephones mother, Demeter is more of like a chariot mom and Demeter told Persephone in Persephone the Phony that why she was protecting her because she has more experience of the world than her.

Persephone's crush is Hades and they first met in a cemetery after a ball of yarn rolled from Persephone's ripped papyrus bag.


  • Persephone can shapeshift into a dove and disguise as an old woman.
  • The Titans in the underworld calm down at the sight of Persephone.
  • Persephone and Aphrodite fought over a kitten named Adonis.
            Appearances                                  Release Date                                      
Persephone the Phony April 6 2010
Persephone the Daring August 6 2013

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