Athena the Wise

Athena the Wise

Herclues is mortal boy at MOA who has a crush on Athena. Hercules has a cousin named Eurystheus who has always been jealous of Hercules for his enormous size and strengh. While at MOA Hercules met Athena, goddessgirl of wisdom and she became his best friend and confidant. Hercules told Athena that he had attended a school prior to MOA and claimed the school was "ba-ad." Just to give Athena an idea on how bad it he told her that he was the smartest kid in it. Hercules is around Athena's age as he attends one of her classes. He seems to really like Athena and feel shy around her as he blushes whenever she holds his hand. Hercules makes appearances in the books "Athena the Wise" and a cameo in "Aphrodite the Diva."&nbsp

Athena the Wise

Hercules was to complete twelve labors in order to stay at MOA. He seeks the help of Athena to complete the labors. As the two get to know each other they find out how much they like each other. Although they are complete opposites they grow to find things in common. Hercules is embarrased to tell Athena the ninth labor after they completed the others as it involves her. The ninth labor said he was supposed to 'win the favor of a strong girl.' Hercules tries to win Athena's favor by kissing her, but later admits to her that he really likes her. In the end Athena helps Hercules stay at MOA. Whe Athena holds Hercules hand he says "but we aren't wearing winged sandals" (as they only work for a mortal when a goddessgirl or godbboy is holding their hand). Athena replies "I know" and they walk away together as Hercules continues to whistle off-key.

Facts About Hercules

  • Hercules is known for his strength and size.
  • Hercules likes Athena because he admires her bravery and intelligence.
  • Hercules is mortal.
  • Hercules has a cousin named Eurystheus who is jealous of him.
  • Hercules went to a school prior to MOA which he described to be so bad that he was the smartest one in it.
  • Hercules loves to take his club everywhere.
  • Hercles is also hotheaded

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