Pheme is the girl with short, spiky orange hair. She has a lavender and magenta chiton with matching magenta sandals.

Pheme is the goddessgirl of gossip. When she speaks, she has a habit of puffing her words into little cloud-like forms above her head. Pheme has short and spiky orange hair with hazel eyes.


Pheme's major book is Pheme the Gossip, but in Medusa the Mean Pheme is mentioned many times. 

Pheme's LifeEdit

Pheme was chosen for a bridesmaid in Medusa the Mean for Zeus and Hera's wedding. In Medusa the Mean it is also said that she was puffing her smoke in too many places while sharing a dorm-room with Medusa. Then, Medusa requested a no-smoking zone, basically saying Pheme couldn't talk. New rooms were requested.

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